Anna Abovskiy is a fashion designer in Seattle, founder of Annavel Fashion, who participates in a wide range of events in the fashion industry, from fashion shows to her own collections and projects. Her brand, Annavel, is an innovative fashion line that combines 25 years of travel, tailoring experience, and love for the arts and humanities. She creates fashion for women that is eccentric and colorful, allowing women to stand out and feel unique. Her motto, "Because You're Special" is a perfect description of her art—extraordinary for anybody who wears it. 

   Anna began her fascination with fashion when she was five years old, in Russia, when her grandmother taught her to sew. It was this that inspired her to get her education in design and tailoring. When she moved to Israel at 25, the bright seas, middle-eastern lifestyle, and eclectic architecture of The Holy Land allowed Anna to find her creative, fun, bohemian style. It was there that the brand Annavel was born, in 2013. 

   In 2014, Anna came to the rainy Seattle, full of bustling life in the city and serene nature. From the towering, snow-capped mountains, to the enchanting lakes, Anna took inspiration from this passionate, pacific north-western, town to take on a new, avant-garde vision. 

   No matter where she is, Anna takes in and dissects the energy from her surroundings to implement into her art. Each collection evolves into a new, exciting, and unpredictable turn into a new universe.





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