Babajaga Collection, , Vancouver International Fashion Festival 2017

by Anna Abovskiy November 07, 2017

Babajaga, 2017 

This was a project inspired by the Burning Man Festival, that was shown in Vancouver, Canada at a Fashion Festival and Ipop Canada. This collection brings in an array of colors to produce an avant-garde, fantasy style. In the production of this collection,

Anna Tsvetkov designed the gorgeous headdresses to match the out-of-this-world,fantasy line Annavel created.

My Babaiga collection 10.29.2017 in
Vancouver International Fashion Festival 
Thank you David Chen & Ipop Canada and Getman Iryna for the great event and the opportunity be a part of it! 
We enjoyed it so much!
I also have a special thank you to my friends Anna Tsvetkov and Lena Dubman for helping to create our collection.

Anna Abovskiy
Anna Abovskiy


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